Where are you?

Welcome. You’ve landed on an inactive blog.

This place used to have a name and it was called Touching the Sky to Save the World. It was a blog about four things. Mostly.

We talked about the future and precognition. How happy would we be if we knew what tomorrow would bring? How much more complicated would our choices be? If you’re here for  this, please use the search function at the bottom to locate older posts on the subject.

3d render book on transparentThe old blog also provided information on the superhero collection of books called 46. Ascending, and specifically on the novel Flickers of Fortune, the fifth in the collection. If you’re here because you want to know more about 46. Ascending (or Flickers of Fortune) please visit Becoming Extraordinary. It’s now the place for information on all of the 46. Ascending novels, and it has links to where they can be purchased.

Quite a number of the posts here were reviews of or features about related books. I enjoyed doing these and they’ve all been preserved. If you’re looking for one of them, please enter the title of the book in the search function at the bottom of the page.

Finally, I sometimes posted here about personal interests like travel, food, or family. Sometimes I rambled a bit about philosophy or saving the world. If you like to read that sort of thing, these days it all goes on my personal blog Treasure Hunting for a Good Time. Please check it out.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

Oh, one more thing. This blog will be back. I’m already working on a new science fiction series and it will take me back to speculating about the future. As soon as I’m ready to start posting about it, this will be the place.